About us

At that time everything begun by loving dogs from my childhood, but just cockerspaniels with their typical "cocker-phiz"did charm me a lot. As a small child I used to dally with english cockerspaniel Max during each summer holidays. Later he was the reason why my parents decided to buy just the right breed of english cockerspaniel, so one day we brought home our first cocker Dina. Until quite recently I have brought also Chelsea (Idea Black Petrs) to my own house.

Nowadays we live in a new single-family house with a large garden in Plana nad Luznici. I have always dreamed about my own breeding station. Recently the Chelsealine kennel have been registered us.

Hard to tell what will happen but I would like to breed not only high-quality cockers but also respect a need of healthy breeds, i.e. to test for hips dysplasis as well as prcd-PRA optigen eye tests and last but not least test for familial nephropathy. DNA testing is quite expensive but an interbreeding dogs like this will enable to limit these deseases to minimum or eliminate them completely.